Costel Quantity Surveyors a sister company to Immanuel Lawrence Ltd commenced business in Nigeria as a Quantity Surveying and Project management Consultancy Firm in 1992.

The Firm offers comprehensive Cost Management Services on Building, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Projects; ensuring that Client’s Brief is achieved through concept advice conceived within realistic Project Budget, established at inception, monitored, and maintained within set technical specifications and time frame as prescribed by the Project’s Programme, to completion.

The founding of Costel Quantity Surveyors was a response to the yearnings of forward looking and value adding Quantity Surveyors who sought to work as a group rather than isolated individuals, with the intention of improving on timely delivery of projects within target costs. These individuals who have known themselves either from their days at school or have worked under the same Firm, indulged in continuing professional development through academic and professional training programmes, the benefits of which they make available through the Firm, Costel Quantity Surveyors, to discerning Clients.

Costel retains the services of academically and professionally qualified personnel in her team and has a record of wide range of project scope within which they have rendered services, some of which are highlighted in the Curriculum Vitae of the Professional Personnel.

Costel, while playing cost and programme management roles on Client’s projects ensures that projects are delivered on scheduled time, within planned costs and in compliance with approved technical specifications. When the three primary variables – time, cost and quality, are controlled on any project, an optimal result is achieved. Costel targets optimization on every project, using the experience and skill of its team to work in harmony with the Client, other Consultants and the construction implementation stakeholder, the Contractor.

Other than normal Quantity Surveying functions which constitute the traditional domain of Quantity Surveyors, COSTELundertakes and provides the following cognate services:

  • Negotiate and arbitrate on matters subject to dispute.
  • Technical and Contract Audit.
  • Alteration and Refurbishment Works.
  • Insurance valuation for loss and damage assessment due to fire, Civil commotion, tornado, et cetera.
  • Support services to Developer employing direct labour.
  • Dilapidation and renovation survey reports and estimates.
  • Litigation Advice on Construction Contracts and costs.
  • Valuation for Tax Relief purposes.